Phosi blue events Wedding planners



₦30,000 - ₦200,000
Negotiable: NO


PHOSI BLUE EVENTS - Memories that lasts.... Event planning has gone past putting up flowers and ribbons and making sure everyone does their thing at the right time and place. It is an opportunity to turn an activity in a location into lifetime lasting memories; the key to satisfying clients with optimum pleasure and entertainment. Phosi Blue events does it all and much much more. With an A-list event planning team, amazing event handlers and no deadline, budgeting, reservation and contingency slip-ups, we are the best option for YOU!!!! From birthday parties and get-togethers to wedding ceremonies and grand occasions, no one does it better. We bring fresh and fantastic ideas to the table. Cash in on our promo for the last moths of the year by getting us a client or tagging an ember month couple and get 30% the profits made. We also handle wardrobes for bridal shower, pre wedding photo shot and children naming party. SO CHOOSE BLUE EVENTS TODAY!!!!!!