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Tips for that Proposal Party Glam

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4 months ago

Grabbed that glass of champagne yet? :) I'm sure you have!

So as promised, here are four (4) sure tips to help you prepare for your Proposal Party Glam;

Load up on Self- love

Most important and key and necessary and… should I continue?

Self-love is very a major factor that is necessary if you are to be a happy human being.

Best believe that when we say this, it is because we know you will be stretched in the days following the proposal all the way into the wedding and marital season.

A healthy and well-adjusted state of mind is the greatest asset to take into this season and through life for that matter.

Surround yourself with as much positivity as possible, find every excuse to be grateful and binge on all the good there is in your life.

 No matter what troubles there may be, you are blessed to be experiencing the miracle of love.

 Dwell on that!

Nix Worry!

Someone once said that we ladies are given a certificate to worry from birth!

Refuse such certificate in your life my sister, otherwise hypertension will get you.

There is a tendency for us to begin to obsess over details as we sense a proposal is around the corner, but please answer this,

Is it your proposal?

Shebi it’s just for you to carry your beautiful person to wherever the location is and simply wait to answer a simple ‘Yes’ (or ‘No’ as the case may be)?

How hard is that dearie?

Be You-tiful

And here are some reasons why.

Sharp as your intuition is, you may not always be right.

And in the event that you are right, don’t take the joy of the surprise away from your man and all his cohorts (they would really love to see you blushing on video).

Go about your normal activities as per normal. Don’t go holding your breath and waiting around for the proposal.

Be you-tiful!

A Little Vanity is allowed


Prepare for the glam just in case, just because.

Do a little shopping for the dress, shoe, jewelry and purse you hope to be wearing when he proposes to you (even if you don’t get to wear them on that day, you can always fix a date on which to wear them afterwards).

Invest in good hair, be it a weave, wig or your own natural locks.

Go to the spa for a massage if you can afford to, pay attention to your skin, exercise, rest, and drink lots of water.

Pamper yourself for that extra glow to come forth in your photos.

(Also you may want to practice and know your picture perfect angles for posing, thank me later).

And last but not the least, if you are the type, get your finger nails done!!!

Or at least take care of your natural finger nails.

 Get a manicure and pedicure (from a professional please).

Your finger nails will be the center of attraction during the proposal, engagement party and for a long time afterwards in photos.

Invest in them.


Those are our few tips to help you prepare for your proposal party glam.

Do you have any other tips to add or any other thoughts you want to drop?

Let us know in your comments below, we will be excitedly waiting :)