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4 months ago

Whether you are a starry eyed romantic who loves to dream, or you just got engaged and are about to actualize that journey we all began desiring as little girls playing with dolls, you are in the right place. 

First of all, we here at AllBridesAid want to say big CONGRATULATIONS, it's not easy to take the big step. 

And welcome of course (we hope the journey wasn't too stressful? Lol!). 

You desired to dream, and destiny supported you with the best help there is, this side of the world, -AllBridesAid.

We understand that everyone is on different destiny clocks, so we made room for everyone! 


To say we are  excited to be doing this journey with you is an understatement cause we're more than thrilled! And we desire that you not only enjoy your experience, but also make the best use of all the services we have to offer. 


This here is a little guide on how you can make the best of your time to plan your perfect wedding day. 


Create Your Profile

As a wedding community and planner, we would not have been in existence  without you... Yes you! 

So click and create your profile as either a user or a vendor, let's make magic together! 


Our goal is to entertain, inspire, educate, and equip you for the journey ahead

So, tie your hair up, relax with a glass of your favorite smoothie (or juice) and explore all sections of our Blog.

Hint: Begin with the educative posts on our blog, or if you're  a more visual person, devour social media feeds and stories from our Real Weddings section. 

Check Our Listings 

Because you're the queen, we also provide you with a variety of vendor listings to choose  from. We hope this proves how committed we are to making your big day a success!

Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the wedding vendors you need to seamlessly plan your wedding irrespective of your location. You can also chat them up real time to discuss terms of service.

We do hope to create connections that would  make memories resonate in time with sweetness. 

After all, what is a community without connections? 


My Planner

This section presents you with lots of beautiful tools to help you make detailed and fun-filled  plans for your big day. 

We suggest you begin with going through our checklist and then moving from there. 

Viola! And Away We Go! 


The part you've been waiting for! Your very own wedding website! 

Create and update your website on the go, allowing your team mates, family, friends and well-wishers the courtesy of having the information they need, when and where they need it!


Not Your Wedding Yet? 

Okay, so you've read to this point and it's not even your wedding yet? 


Relax, we thought of you. 

Enjoy the tons of inspiration from the blog posts (we particularly recommend topics around relationships, themes and ideas).

Preparing ahead of time is always a good idea and trust us, your big day is closer than you think! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, create your wish list... You can even start compiling your guest list (I mean... that won't hurt anyone 🤷‍♀) . But most importantly, please do well to engage in ongoing conversations in the community. 


We are going to have such fun together!

Here's to many wins and merry memories 🥂


With Love, 

AllBridesAid team